MFN Family is a private owned network for all companies size. We are different from most of the other networks in the market as we offer to our members the revolution of freight forwarders network services. We are definitely a neutral organization, dealing with all members equally and do not provide any forwarding activity at all, but we are providing the administrative management of the network in accordance with the top professional standards.


The Core Of Our Mission

Our goal is to help you making your work easier, to save your time and efforts. Our main intention is to capture the quantitative and qualitative benefits that can be tied to three freight operations strategies: increasing efficiency, improving reliability and service, more money guarantees and enhancing shipment integrity.

The strongest interconnected relationships we build, the strongest business we have Together, with our diligent efforts and with the spirit of caring about each other's business growth, we will definitely share our success.

Platform For The Elite Members From All Over The World

As we do not adopt the concept of The bigger is Better , every one of our members is very precisely selected (One member per each port in each country) and so he is very precious. That's why we are very determined to monitor all members (after approval) so that only the elites are crowning our family, maintain the optimum mutual benefits. Keepin

Keeping An Eye On The World's News

With regular news broadcasts and updated member rosters, members are kept ahead of all new events or regulations at all times and also possess the most up-to-date contact information on fellow members

Bringing Our Professional Staff To Serve You All Around The Clock

Our fundamental concept is perfect customer service represents the corner stone for any successful business, therefore we are always near you , offering a 24 hours mail account administered by a full time qualified staff. In parallel, our senior professional staff with their vast experience are working hard to bring the top quality committed members together with a common frame of regulations and agreements.



Partnership of partner's name and Logo will be announced on our network website homepage.
Link of Partner ' s corporate website on our network website homepage; which means exposure to more than 1 million website visitors annually on www.MFNFAMILY.com MFN Family will recommend to all our members to subscribe partner website Our partnership is exclusive, MFN Family will choose only one partner/sector as exclusive partner to be announced around the globe.
Recognition as our sole sector Partner in all media press releases.
Partner's name and logo will be published in all MFN Family media materials to be used in all events.
Highlighting partner's offers/services in DAILY newsletters sent to members. Partner's new services, promotions, rates, and news to be announced by MFN Family to all members and contacts around the globe.
Referrals and sales leads to connect your business to MFN Family visitors, event's delegates, meeting planners, freight forwarding professionals, and media.
New partner orientation to introduce you to our team and how we can help you maximize your benefits.
All sponsorships' privileges in Network's special events throughout the year.

shipper “exporter”

The difference between a shipper and consignee is the receiver of the shipment and is usually the owner of the goods. This may be an individual or a company. Unless otherwise instructed, the party listed as the consignee on the bill of lading is legally required to be physically present to collect the shipment.

consignee “importer”

The contact person to be notified when the shipment arrives at destination. This field is usually only required if it’s different from the party listed in the consignee field. the notify party can be the buyer himself, the shipping agent or any other entity. the notify party is usually also responsible for arranging customs clearance at the destination.


The party responsible for packing and preparing all the goods being sent, as well as handling all documents and paperwork needed. these include obtaining the proper licenses and checking for customs exemptions and restrictions to prevent problems during customs clearance both at origin and destination.


Promotional signage at the event. Add partner in MFN Family's Conference welcoming kits.
Advertisement in conferences's websites; logo on the conference website with link to partner's corporate website.
Acknowledgement in next event's program.
Logo on the backdrop for Gala Dinner and plenary session.
Logo on the backdrop of registration table.
Acknowledgement as a major partner, and awarded in the Gala dinner.
Logo recognition on event's promotional materials.
Exhibition booth space if needed with special offer.
One extra Free Exhibitor registration in case that the partner will have a booth.
Partner's promotional material or brochure in MFN Family Conference welcoming kits.