S. & F.A.

Shipping and forwarding agent.


Stopped in Transit

S.L. & C.

Shipper's Load and Count

S.L. & T.

Shipper's Load and Tally


Ship Owner'Liability


Shipping Receipt

S.R. & C.C.

Strikes, riots, and civil commotions.

Short ton


Shipper's weights


Shipping Note


Single Administrative Document


Rescue of goods from loss at sea or by fire; also, goods so saved, or payment made or due for their rescue.

Sanitary and Health Certificate

A statement signed by a health organization official certifying the degree of purity, cleanliness, or spoilage of goods, and the health of live animals.

Schedule B

Refers to "Schedule B, Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the United States." Being replaced under the Harmonized System.

Scheduled Flight

Any service that operates to a set timetable.


Specified Commodity Rate. Applied to narrowly specified commodities. Usually granted on relatively large shipments. Theoretically is of limited time duration.


Charges for transporting cargo by sea. This does not cover any haulage or loading / discharging costs, sea transport only.


Distance between two ground points within a route.


Vessel has its own cranes and equipment mounted on board for loading/unloading. Used in ports where shore cranes and equipment are lacking.


The defined, regular pattern of calls made by a carrier in the pick-up and discharge of cargo.

Service Contract

A contract between a shipper and an ocean carrier of conference, in which the shipper makes a commitment to provide a minimum quantity of cargo over a fixed time period.

Set Up

Articles in their assembled condition.

Ship's Manifest

An instrument in writing containing a list of the shipments comprising the cargo of the vessel.

Ship's Tackle

All rigging, etc., utilized on a ship to load or discharge cargo.


Freight tendered to a carrier by one consignor at one piece at one time for delivery to one consignee at one place on one bill of lading.


Term used to describe exporter. Mostly manufacturing companies.

Shipper's Export Declaration

A form required by the Treasury Department and completed by a shipper showing the value, weight, consignee, destination, etc., of export shipments as well as Schedule B identification number.


Cargo manifested but not loaded.


Cargo manifested for port but not discharged, either by accident or design.

Sight Draft

A draft payable upon presentation to the drawee. Compare date draft and time draft.

Single Entry Charter

A non-scheduled flight carrying the cargo of one shipper


A particular platform or location for loading or unloading at a place.


Seller's option


Shipped on board

Split Charter

Where a number of consignments from different shippers are carried on the same non-scheduled aircraft. Under U.K. regulations a non-scheduled flight chartered by a single forwarder or agent on behalf of a number of shippers is still classified as a split charter. Under U.S. regulations, a forwarder chartered flight is classified as a single entity although it can consolidate.


Steamship; steam powered ship (Steam driven turbines)


Standard Shipping Note


It is of paramount importance that a vessel is stable in all respects at all times. When cargo is loaded/discharged the stability is monitored by the navigating officer/Port Captain usually by computer, which takes into account the weight and position of the cargo within the vessel.


A pontoon with two collapsible ends.

Standard International Trade Classification (SITC)

A standard numerical code system developed by the United Nations to classify commodities used in international trade.


Right side of a ship when facing the front or forward end.

Steamship Agent

A duly appointed and authorized representative in a specified territory acting in behalf of a steamship line or lines and attending to all matters relating to the vessels owned by his principals.

Steamship Line

Company is usually composed of the following departments; vessel operations, container operations, tariff department, booking, outbound rates, inward rates and sales. the company can maintain its own in country U.S. offices to handle regional sales, operations and/or other matters or appoint steamship agents to represent them doing same. Some lines have liner offices in several regions and have appointed agents in others.


The aftermost part of the ship.


Port manual worker involved with the physical loading and discharging of vessels.


The lacing of cargo in a vessel in such a manner as to provide the utmost safety and efficiency for the ship and the goods it carries.

Stowage Order

Before certain classes of goods, such as valuables, fragile or dangerous, are sent to the docks for shipment, a special stowage order must be obtained from the shipowner. It is the shipowner's authority to the ship-worker to accept the goods and stow them where indicated. It must accompany the goods to the docks.


A person who illegally hides on a vessel to get free passage to another country (usually from a poor country to a more affluent one).

Strikes, Riots, and Civil Commotions

An insurance clause referring to loss or damage directly caused by strikers, locked-out workmen, persons participation in labor disturbances, and riots of various kinds. The ordinary marine insurance policy does not cover this risk; coverage against it can be added only by endorsement.


An economic benefit granted by a government to producers of goods or services, often to strengthen their competitive position.

Sue & Labor Clause

A provision in marine insurance obligating the assured to do things necessary after a loss to prevent further loss and to act in the best interests of the insurer.


The person who plans stowage and supervises loading and discharging of vessels. Also know as a Port Captain.

Surety Bond

A bond insuring against loss or damage or for the completion of obligations.

Surety Company

An insurance company


Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications


Safe Working load

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